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When I grow up, I want to be; whoever Joss Whedon wants to be, when he grows up. Side effects reported include giggling, ditziness, and an expression of Quoi?

Ever notice that the default position of more devout types seems to be that men can’t control their urges & women should compensate for it? And it’s not just Christians, not by a long shot. Many belief structures have rules built in which place the burden of dealing with men’s overactive libidos on women’s shoulders.

Why exactly do you think women wear the “bee-keeper suits”, or cover their hair and mouths? Even in Hinduism there is a push that women must remain chaste and pure. Again, because if we’re even the tiniest bit sexual ourselves men will be unable to control their desires and will just start randomly fucking us in the streets. And do you know why the bible says that women should not wear men’s clothes? Because if a man is attracted to a women in men’s clothes it could indicate sexual confusion - it’s funny that so many religions paint women as inferior when we’re seen as the only gender who can bear the pain of childbirth, has self-control and an understanding our own sexuality. 

So now Santorum says women shouldn’t serve in forward military positions because men will want to protect them, and that will endanger their missions. Meanwhile the dizzy bitch Liz Trotta says we should simply expect an increase in female presence in the military to equal more sexual assault cases, and we shouldn’t spend money on programs to support these victims. 

WTF people? 

Either we should acknowledge that men are irrationally over-protective of women or we should accept that if women are put in combat with men those men will rape them? Those are our choices?! 

How about we try something else?

How about men who aren’t capable of treating women the same as they do men, or commit assault because they’re horny pricks or threatened bullies, need to be taken out of any position of power, command or authority? 

How about every single man who can’t handle taking orders from, or fighting beside, a woman doesn’t belong in our military?

How about any man who thinks he has a right to take what a woman won’t give voluntarily, not only doesn’t belong in a uniform, he belongs in prison? 

How about we make men responsible for their own fucking behavior - particularly since most of them already are - and stop telling me I have to cater to the remaining percent of needle-dicked bug-fuckers who can’t grow up and treat women with respect and equality? While we’re at it, how about a sad little sexist like Santorum stops telling me he’s in any position to make decisions for me, either about my reproductive health or what kind of career I can choose?

For the record, anyone who has a problem with my choice of adjectives… I’m referring to chauvinists (“male” and otherwise), misogynistic and rapists - I’ll call them whatever the fuck I want, as long as they continue to oppress and victimize women. Because these are the people who actually are still oppressing and victimizing women, hiding behind their religious texts and antiquated notions of a better world before equal rights. I, at least, take responsibility for my words - I don’t claim “god” says these guys have inferiority and oedipal complexes. And I can assure you, I’d have no problem using these adjectives face-to-face with any person who either acts on, condones or excuses, the behavior we’re talking about. 

I’m sick of people making excuses for men who treating us like we’re incapable of making our own decisions because we’re without penis. And I’m seriously tired of the implication that I need a man to handle any part of my life. Not to put too fine a point on it, but since I was 6 years old the only significant men in my life have either been relatives that had no caretaker role (uncles, cousins, etc), men I’ve been in a romantic relationship with and generally I’ve taken care of them, and my teenage son that I’ve raised mostly alone but with some help from my mother and sister. My dad died when I was 6, and while I have no idea what kind of father he would’ve ultimately been, the only serious blow that I know it has dealt to my life is that we grew-up struggling financially without his income. 

That does not mean I dismiss men as unimportant and unnecessary, men are just as necessary to this world as women, and yes their place in the family unit is important. But guess what? It’s not vital. I’m sorry, but it’s not. Neither gender’s participation is, and not a single study says otherwise. There are plenty of families that have survived just fine without a male/father figure, just as there are plenty of families that have survived without a female/mother figure. Families form a thousand different ways, and none of them is the cure-all happy scenario. 

So stop telling me a family needs a mommy and a daddy and simply admit that it’s about the effort, aptitude and support system of the parental figure(s), regardless of their gender or marital state. Stop telling me that your right to religious freedom trumps my right to make my own decisions and live my life as I see fit. Stop telling me that having a uterus means the government, which is predominantly in the hands of men, gets to decide what I do with it. Stop telling me it’s not sexist to say women can’t be soldiers, or firefighters or cops, because it is sexist. If you imply, even to the most infinitesimal degree, that women are incapable of doing something simply because they are women, well that makes you a sexist. If you dare to suggest that a woman’s behavior should be based on the presumption that men can’t control their desire to bang her, you’re a serious sexist. 

And if you think you right to adhere to your faith is more important than my right to make my own choices - because your book says people with lady-bits need a penis-person’s guiding hand - go find a DeLorean and head back to the 50’s, the 1850’s, because you have no place in a modern, reasoned and rational society.